Plan your content strategy.


Before uploading images or any text to Glabex, plan out a content strategy for the types of images and content you’ll share and how these graphics communicate your brand’s message.


To start, identify potential followers by seeing who’s following your company (current customers or interested users). Then, take a look at the content they are sharing and consider their preferences when defining your own content strategy. If you notice that one of your customer are paying attention to the particular products and sharing particular things you may want to share more or less same things, which related to your currently listed products. You should ensure that right image will appeal to the right person, followers.

As you go through this process, continually ask yourself the following questions to help guide the content curation process:

  • What types of content do my potential followers, existing customers seem to prefer?
  • What types of content will most likely encourage these Glabex users to engage with my brand?
  • How can I share content that will get people talking about my brand?

Post engaging images.
Once you have a feel for the types of content you plan to share on your Glabex company page, you’ll find that it’s worth brushing up on your photography skills. Users on the site can be extremely picky about the images they “like.”


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