Free Webstore – Your own eCommerce website

Online sales dificulties

Choose a Store Design

Choose your favorite design during signup and customize your store to suit your exact needs. For your convinience Glabex Store offers a varity of Themes you can choose from.

Your own Product Catalogue

Each website is powered by a cutting-edge eCommerce framework and secure checkout – simply add your products to your site and your customers can buy them straight away!

Process Orders Quickly

You receive emails whenever a customer makes a purchase. Payments are made directly from your customers to you. Glabex does nto withdraw any commission or fee from your sales.

Control Your Store With Ease

Use the Dashboard to manage every aspect of your store quickly and easily from anywhere in the world!

Instant Updates

Any changes you make to your webstore are instant and secure.

Power and Flexibility

Choose your webstore’s default currency, set local taxation policies, manage postal costs and view orders as they come in.

Product Options

Allow customers to select Product Options – sizes, colours, flavours, specifications – any product variations you require. Assign associated costs to these options and let Free Webstore do the calculations.

Stock Control

Choose to use FreeWebstore’s powerful stock control. Your store can automatically hide or disable products as soon as they become out of stock.

Customer Product Reviews

Allow customers to leave feedback on each and every product in your store.

Related Products

Setup Related Products to entice your customers to buy more!

Special Offers & Discounts

Set percentage discounts or special offer prices on popular ranges to move items faster!

Multiple Product Images

Add multiple images of your products to ensure your products are seen from every angle – really show them off to your customers!

Powerful Product Search

Cut to the chase! Show your customers what they’re searching for with our lightning-fast product search.

In-depth Site Statistics

Perfect for market research – monitor who is searching for what, your most popular products, your most visited pages and top referrers. You can even integrate with Google Analytics.

Product Articles

Add extra product information and specifications with our flexible Text Editor; use documents, bullet points and formatted text to get your point across.

Featured Products

Increase the visibility of your products by posting them on your Home page.

Recently Viewed Products

Remind your visitors what they’ve been tempted by – retain a list of their Recently Viewed Products on every page.

Most Popular Products

Show customers what’s popular and they’re more likely to buy! Automatically show your most popular products on every page of your store.

Legal Information

Standard Terms & Conditions as well as Privacy Policy templates are built into your site, ready to be tailored to meet your demands.

Free – Pay Absolutely nothing

Your store will be set up in minutes and ready to go. No hosting fees. No set-up fees. No ‘trial period’ that expires. No transaction fees. Standard ecommerce provider (e.g. Paypal, Google Checkout etc.) transaction fees may apply.

Unlimited Potential

Once your store is up and running, FreeWebstore can tailor it to suit your exact requirements.

Get your own look-and-feel for your site – not just a custom template. Choose how your store works, collect visitor information, run news-letters, introduce new features. Your site can be made to look and act exactly as you wish. Free Glabex stores can also be tailored to support many other payment platforms.

We have a range of powerful and entirely optional upgrades available, should you ever want to expand your store.

Getting Started

Simply visit our Sign Up page, enter your company name, set your login details and choose a currency to get started!

And don’t worry! It’s free and you’ll find youself under no obligations whatsoever – so join the thousands of people already selling online with


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