Marketing analytics quest A Demoideo Overview

Analyze your web traffic and see which sources are generating the most leads.


Create blog content quickly while getting SEO tips and best practice pointers as you type.


Send personalized, segmented emails based on any information in your contact database.

Search Optimization

Improve your rank in search engines by finding and tracking your most effective keywords.

Lead management

Track leads with a complete timeline-view of their interactions with your company

Social media

Publish content to your social accounts, then nurture leads based on their social engagement. by Corey EridoCoreyges

A well-run machine is built with solid, high quality parts that are all

working together to achieve the same goal. To become a content

creation machine, you need to create an account on, which not only supports only types of content, design studio, but also integrated social commerce system, which helps you to sell your products and services online.

Companies that have created an account with Glabex view content as the

basis for running an inbound company — from Marketing, to Sales, to


In order to create solid marketing, sign to Glabex, post your company, and publish contens, support your sales with great articles, social sync your articles. this culture of content, we have four big tips to follow.

Time to level. Content isn’t free, and it’s not easy to create. Historically,

content creation has been relegated to free interns and content farms.

Just make sure you allocate time every day and involve all your team to create content on daily basis. It is very easy to involve all team members with Glabex free content creation tool, as all participants can easily share and put content on your social wall.

Invest in Qualified Content.

Everyone in your company should have the ability to contribute

Content, and share it on your company social page at Glabex. Easy share!

It’s how you’ll build a scalable content creation machine.

To foster a culture of content creators, however, you need to reiterate — over and over — the concrete benefits to participating. You should explain that:

  • Being a regular content creator will help them move upward within the company.
  • Content creators are often also thought leaders, and it will help them gain credibility with leads, customers, and even future employers.
  • The content will serve as a built-in online portfolio they can reference years down the road.
  • Content drives critical business metrics, like lead- and customer generation.

Using closed-loop analytic, you can demonstrate the actual dollar value of one piece of content to your business.

  • Being a published author might lead to future opportunities, like speaking engagements, or quotes in high-profile publications.



Mobilize Every Employee to Create


You’ve explained why everyone in your company should create content.

Now make them want to.

  • Reward it. The authors of content that performs particularly well should be highlighted for their contribution. You can do this at your next team or company meeting, in an internal newsletter, or in a group email. Be sure to detail the specific results their content drove for the business, like leads or opportunities generated, or customers won.
  • Again, using closed-loop Glabex cloud platforms allows create and distribute content with ease.
  • Make it a competition. See who can create the best piece of content to move a specific business metric — like the most leads generated from a post about a certain subject matter, or the most socially shared piece of content.
  • Lead by example. Whether you’re in an “official” leadership position or not, you can lead by example if you’re championing a content creation culture. Be an active content creator yourself.






Inspire Every Employee to Create Content.

You’ll come across some employees that want to contribute content,

but don’t feel capable.

To create a scalable content creation machine, it’s up to you to enable their success.

Employees can share not only text and articles but also picture, for example of technological process, or videos or new product development.

Remember that content helps introduce your customer to your product!

Get it right, make sure your create positive buzz around your brand, team and products. Make your customer be participants!

First, remember that creating content shouldn’t be reserved for just Marketing — or even just a couple people within Marketing. Enable anyone in your organization to contribute content, from Sales, to Services, to R&D. This is beneficial because you’re getting content that highlights different perspectives, and different areas of expertise, both of which make your content arsenal more well-rounded and able to address the needs of different buyer persons.

You can invite your employees to participate on Glabex.

Make Glabex yous social-business networks, it has convenient messaging system, eCommerce platform, and various tools of concept creation.

Ask your employees to participate in content creation and buzz allocation.

Wha is the difference between social networks and Glabex?

Simple as Glabex combines all of social and give s you opportunity to do business online by incorporating social buz to your marketing system



predicting keywords


 The Problem:

“I don’t know what to write about.”

The Solution:all back on your editorial calendar, where you keep

Write about your business, about your team, about new products g of topics . Do not forget to add pictures of your product, idf you discovering write about. You can also reach out tles or Services and ask them to share quently The Problem:

“I’m just not in the mood to write.”

The Solution:

Talk to your colleague and you will discover how much topics you want to share with us Glabex users and your customers. see the laptop trick. Unplug your laptop and go into a quiet. Talk, it is easy.m, free of distractions. Your challenge is to completerking title to

inbound marketing

To become one of those a great marketing company (along with your core business), first remember, marketing is not a job, it is just you and your company, it your team and colleges, your products and brand. Make sure everybody understands it. Your marketing is your collaboration with your team, your product positioned, your brand understanding. If you are doing your job, producing, selling or offering great products or services, you are already doing marketing, what you need just show it, place it, point to it, and share cross social. It is should be fun deal, not job, even not paid job. Get it done in minutes with Glabex, use Glabex as your eCommerce platform or just your store extensions, your sales tool and marketing tool. Get it right and pleasurable with Glabex.

Therefore you always have something great to

write about, you just need to embrace multiple content format types. Some

of them might take a long time to write — such as the thought leadership

pieces your favorite executives are writing, or the big research reports

that required a ton of surveys, data slicing, and analysis.

You should create that kind of content.

But you should also make your life easier, and realize there are a ton of

content formats that are extremely valuable to readers, drive serious

business results, and don’t take that long to put together. Here’s your

quick content toolkit, from which you should draw every day.

Quick Content Formats.


If you know how to do something your readers would want to know

about, it’s easy to transfer your knowledge to paper — or your

computer screen. Remember, just write it out like you’d speak it if you

were telling a lead, customer, or colleague.

Top Lists

A tried and true content method, top lists are a mix between original

content and aggregation. You aggregate the ideas, and write short

blurbs about each. This is excellent content for a new writer, because

each blurb in the list is quite short, and the post provides a built-in

structure to work around.


Think of the questions leads and customers ask you every day, and turn

that into a piece of content in which you answer the common question.

You could also pose a question on a social network, at an event, or

during a webinar, and then respond to them in aggregate in a blog post.


Whether you have your own data or you stumble across interesting industry data in your reading, take one or many data points and compile them into a post.


Excerpted Content

When you publish a gated piece of content (typically lead generation content that is gated behind a form on a landing page — such as a whitepaper), a quick source of content is an excerpt of that piece. The excerpt also serves to promote the gated content, showing readers what they’ll get if they download the full version. It’s the same as when an author shares a free chapter of their published book.


personalized video

  Video Content

Video content is the most effective type of cotnet. Video is easy way to discuss advantages of your products and your team.

You might also schedule an interview with your colleagues to talk about your company, another helpful video format that doesn’t require a lot of investment. Make it simple and profitable for your company. Upload your video to Your Glabex account, makes it easy for your marketing.


push strategy1


By their very nature, newsjacks are quick content formats. When a piece

of news that would impact your industry — or for which you could find

a relevant spin for your audience — hits the press, hop on it like a rabbit

during mating season.


Sourcing Content Internally and

Externally with Glabex It:

At Glabex, we build blogging and social advertising to work for You.

You should also be open to accepting guest blogging submissions

from external sources, which have the added benefit of helping build

a stronger link profile.

To squeeze more ROI from the content creation work you’re already

doing, it’s important you get comfortable with finding new ways to use

the content you’ve already created. This is your content repurpose

toolkit — even if you get time-crunched and content creation seems

impossible, these repurposing tactics should keep your machine from

dying out.







Repurposing Content.

This is the key feature, your should admit. Sharing and re-purposing is important.

Most content creators view the

Blog Bundle

Create a lead generation offer by bundling together the content you’ve created on your blog — all around one specific topic — into a longer form content asset.


Presentation Slides

When anyone presents, whether in an internal meeting or at a public

speaking event, consider whether those slides can be tweaked to

be a SlideShare presentation, standalone social media images,

or featured on your blog. You can always upload your presentation on your company profile on Glabex!


Persona Alignment

If you target multiple persons, rework existing, successful content targeted at another segment to speak to a different persona.

Internal Content

If you have an internal company collaboration tool, re-purpose any

industry insights shared there that might be interesting to your target

audience.But do easier – just use Glabex as your internal network and share useful tips with your customer, you can ways adjust setting of your posting to make it public or make it visible only for your team, co-workers.

Glabex is the easiest way to get your audience, market your products and sell online, collaborating with your team securely and easily.



 Content Updates

Content that performed well in the past, but has since gone out of date, should be updated and relaunched. Schedule updates, ask your coworkers each to publish each day!

Create a public conversation, discussion! It is fun, you will see!

Written Content, Visualized

How-to content can take visual formats if you strip down the copy, and reformat the headers into one-sheeters or checklists.

These are perfect for social media, particularly Facebook and Pinterest.

So publish on Glabex and share cross social!!


gen qual leads1

Glabex is marketing your social channels are working together on promotion, and folks across your entire company know about the content in your campaigns.


Content Cross-Channel and Cross-Department Promotions.

it’s a good idea to let your sales organization know about the latest blogs and articles you publishing, and provide them with a short synopsis of the key points you touch on so they can carry on a productive conversation with new and existing opportunities. Your Customer Support team would also like to know about the new publications, since it might address the questions they answer on a daily basis. There is very simple way to do it via Glabex, create share and distribute your content marketing to share it with right people, focus audience or public. The same is applied for all products and services you publish, you can even create couponed action to promote new service.

Finally, alert employees in all departments that a new offer is being released, and ask them to share either the landing page or the blog post on their personal social networks — Twitter is great for this — to benefit from the network effect of multiple people recommending a piece of

content within a short time frame.

Does It:

Glabex does this by communicating offer creation with the entire company — from marketing to Sales to Services, and even Product and support!



Align Content With Strategy.

out such a high

Create a content mix, as professional marketers do. Most importantly, though, they don’t view an experiment’s failure as a personal failure; it’s just the cost of doing agile business. They’ve also mitigated the risk by investing very little resources into the initial experiment, instead opting to iterate on that initial piece of content to see how and if they can make the new content format, platform, etc. work. Some examples of how you could do this include:

  • Trying out new social networks. See if a new or underused social network is a good platform to share your content.
  • Adopting the content format of a particular network. See if you can create visual content that works on, say, Pinterest, or short Vine videos for Twitter. Use Glbex is the start point, then sjust one click and you sahre everyhign cross social, easy and fast, make sheduling. All services are free.
  • Creating videos. Many marketers shy away from videos because of the initial barrier to entry. See if you creating a low-cost, low-resource video pays

you any dividends, and if so, iterate from there.

 Experiment With New Types of Content.

All content, whether part of an experiment or a regular guest in your content creation machine, needs to be pulling its proverbial weight.

Measuring content performance allows you to assess whether a piece of content was worth the time you put into it, and whether you would do it again in the future. Here are the metrics you can track to evaluate the success of your content assets.

Measure Content Performance.

Offer or Landing Page Submissions

Landing page submissions is the raw number of people who redeemed a content offer. You can also look at the conversion rate to see the percentage of visitors to a landing page that redeemed your offer.

New Contact Rate

This number tells you how many of the people that redeemed a piece of lead generation content were new to your database. Re-conversions are important, but it’s also critical your content is helping you continually fill the top of your funnel.

Page Views and Traffic

An excellent metric to determine the success of your overall blog and individual blog posts, this will tell you whether certain subject matters are more appealing than others, and help you inform your content strategy.

Inbound Links

An indicator of content quality, inbound links also help you identify which content is helping you improve your SEO.

Social Media Shares

Social sharing is another indication of content quality, and also helps your organic search strategy. If you need to fill the top of your marketing funnel, identifying which content garnered a lot of social media shares and replicating it will help you score another success.

Conversion Rate

You can get a conversion rate on just about anything — a landing page, a thank-you page, a blog post call-to-action. Measure the conversion rate across different content assets to see what correlation you see between content topics and formats, and the channel on which it lives. Rate calculator is inbuilt in all your pages, been customer ratings. The higher the indicator the higher your comments on search results. For instance, you could compare the conversion rate of a CTA promoting the same offer on a blog, versus on social media, to assess if one audience is more interested in the content asset than another. Analytics is the key at Glabex.


Glabex exists to make your business profitable. Get in touch with your customer, cross post your word, make your team work together and sell online with ease, everything for you on Glabex, for free…


Make sure you do not miss this opportunity, as it is unique..




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