Generating Quality Leads


 gen qual leads

  • Generate more customers and prospects (not leads) in a way that is cost effective, risk-free, and scalable.
  • Grow your customer database with actively engaged audience members, prospects, and customers.
  • Generate more qualified sign-ups, registrations, and bring in more customers while increasing conversions and revenue generated by each new sign up.

Doing business within the modern technology can generate highly qualified prospects safely and in a cost-effective way.


gen qual leads1
Step by Step Guide:

Step 1: Identify and work with publishers and lead vendors that match your core demographic. You need to collect only the first and last names and email addresses

Step 2: Start with only 5 individual lead sources and only have 5 running at any given time

Turn the source off if you get any compliance because of an invalid email addresses, field errors, known complainers, etc.

Step 3: Identified the safest and cleanest lead sources for your business

Step 4: Determine if the leads are backing out financially through standard pixel tracking technology.

This will allow you to optimize the lead sources in real-time based on actual sales.
gen q lead

     Another method is to setting up a personal message that will be automatically sent to everyone on the current potential customer list. It is better to set up two campaigns, for example with discount and with free-shipping options, accompanied within a personal message.


Generate quality leads with Glabex, Online eBusiness tool

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