FREE ONLINE MARKETPLACE for all kind of products and services with an advanced, inbuilt search engine.

Glabex – the online marketplace for all kind of products and services with an advanced, inbuilt search engine.


It allows different small businesses to sell online FREE of Charge

Glabex provides tools for casual sellers and small businesses to be successful by dealing directly with their customers.

These tools along with the ease of the platform make it easy and fast for business owners or product managers or individuals to sell online and advertise their companies, promote their brands.

As Glabex provides full social network collaboration, allows you synchronize business company profile, products store with major social networking systems

By democratizing the buy-sell experience, consumers have ability to buy cheaper, as they are buying from sellers with NO commission, also finding some amazing goods.

Most importantly, 100% of the money earned through sales goes directly to the small businesses using the platform. Glabex is revolutionary toll for all kind of business to perform, sell and advertise online for free.

It makes for better relationships, better products and better world.

With every selling item, you are not paying Glabex a penny!

Make you company more social, allows your customers make recommendations and comments around your products and services create your Online Business

Make your customers more loyal by offering offers and coupons

Stimulate word of comment by giving your customers discounts

Allow potential customer ask questions online about your products

Help your customers to decide,- brands fans share their experience online

Provide one-on-one advice to fellow shoppers

Group Buying secures the Best Deals

Attract you customers, sending them coupons! Motivate people, who viewed your products, but did not buy, customers who participate in comments and group discussions!

Sophistication based on Personal Knowledge

Take Advantage of technology

Offer exactly, what people are looking for

What are we trying to achieve?

Our main aims are to bring together different business and utilize available their potential.


To be the one place where people can become both research company, or local business, find people who are working for this company, be aware about company’s products or services, and inspired to buy it.

We are struggling to bring out the best and brightest business solutions, for those who are seeking opportunities to promote their business, build its brand and be recognizable; and we are not charging for that.

So that we can all benefit from this great online business pool of hidden resource and tools which everyone has some of.

Thereby, allowing people to choose compare and get what they need easily and securely.

We aim to be the place where ideas and innovations can be easily transformed into useful business tools and resources.

“GLabex exists for make your business profitable”



SELL ONLINE for free

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