Selling Online Fees How much will I be charged?

Selling Online Fees

How much will I be charged?

Whether you running your business or selling random useless stuff, you will be interested to review different buying and selling platforms. We’re covering the costs to sell on the four main portals you’re most likely going to be selling on.

Amazon fees: If you sell more than 40 products a month, you need to buy a subscription, which is $39.99 monthly payment. When an item sells, amazon takes a 15% “referral fee” and $1.35 “closing fee”. Some products have even higher “referral”, “closing” fees. If you sell a $100 item (suppose not using the store), you receive $83.75.

eBay fees: eBay fees depend on your subscription. Listing fee for fixed price items is 0.20 per item. Final Value Fee depends on what you sell, it varies (Fixed Priced items) from 8% to 15%. If you sell a $100 item, you receive $84.80 to $91.80.

Glabex fee: There is no general fee to sell on Glabex. Site allows you to least your products for free or set up a professional store for $0.99 a month. You got paid via paypal, which takes 2.9% + $0.30 of the total collected fee. The most important – if you do not sell anything, you will not pay a penny! If you sell a $100 item, you receive $96.80.

All fees displayed below reflect the portals fee structure as of August 23, 2012


Thank you so much Sharon. The website is not fully filled, so I was not thinking about SEO yet. Benefits are free advertising, selling and positioning your business online. More functionality is coming. So far anybody can list their products sell online and upload pictures. descriptions, videos and more for business/products/service overview. Also to create a professional profile, if it is needed, all current services are free. Sports and Clothing are the most described categories, have many subcategories and filters. The platform is new and it offer a lot of opportunities for small businesses. Thank you for your testing. We will include more information regarding the website functionality


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