“The Internet Video Commercial is the next generation of online advertising.” — John Vail, Director of Marketing, Pepsi-Cola N. America.


Video is the most powerful type of advertising in the World. Create a video presentation for your business. Video is unique and fun way to present your business message to your target audience with no competition or third party advertisers popping up.

With Glabex.com you can upload your own custom content describing your products, services, or company. Create your own company marketing video and upload it to your profile on Glabex.com.

Your get your own private video channel when you upload on Glabex.com to showcase your content.

With Glabex, it’s easy to build your own personal or business profile with video content, to showcase your business, your professional skills or hobbies, or whatever else you choose.

With video content, any company can promote itself in ways that just weren’t possible until now. Glabex offers a great range of e-Commerce and promotional tools for your business, or professional growth. Its interface is fully and easily customizable.

Most companies would love to reach people with online video message, but they have no idea how to do it or where to upload it and how to promote it. YouTube is too big, and Google doesn’t own a video hub. You have to spend hundreds of dollars to promote your video there; otherwise your high quality creation will not reach anybody. These days, promoting your video can be more costly than creating it. Glabex is a simple, easy and cost-effective way to reach any target audience.

Business owners are aware that online video is the most powerful marketing tool out there. They just don’t know any easy ways to tap into the marketing power of video. Their businesses will benefit and so will yours.

Be part of the new market concept. Create your full business profile on Glabex, accompanied with full media promotional features. All media tools on Glabex are free to use. Our vision is to create an online business world with equal opportunity for everyone which makes it more fair, sustainable, and fun.


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