What is online Digital Marketing in our days?



What is online Digital Marketing in our days?

  • Social marketing;

  • Mobile Marketing;

  • Network marketing;

  • Video Presentation;

  • Reputation Management;


Glabex helps to implement all techniques of digital marketing. It is an essential and sophisticated tool for your business.

  • Maximizing Productivity Strategy
  • Productivity of New Product
  • Benefits of New product sales/R&D, Implementation of New Product
  • Filtering out weak projects from your portfolio
  • Leaves highly valued projects in your portfolio
  • Estimates resource requirements
  • Prepare effective “go forward” plan

The whole New Product Development Process, from idea to launch breaks down into several stages

Each stage is proceeded by gate or go/kill decision point

Senior management can meet with your team, and decide whether the project should proceed


  1. Highlights the strengths of your company
  2. Focus on estimating poor projects early in the process
  3. Make expectations clear to them


Companies which use Stage-Gate strategy

  • Microsoft
  • Procter&Gamble
  • Siemens
  • Hewett-Packard
  • General Motors


NextGen Strategy

Lean: All non-value-added items are removed

Scalable: Multiple versions depending on project type

Adaptable: Spiral development is one way of development within the changing data


In stage-gate activities and stage can overlap, proceeding the principle of simultaneous execution: within waiting for the completion of a previous step; perfect information before moving ahead

Stage-Gate is more than strategy or process. It is more like a culture that fosters new and designed behaviors. Success in product innovation requires many behavior changes, such as disciplined deliberate, fact-based and transparent decision making.




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