92% of e-tailers used to do things the old fashioned way – offline mental model of “putting up a store”

old fasoned websites

 92 % of retails used to do things in old fashion way


For example let’s take a look at your website



  • Navigation, is it good, user friendly, with nice buttons, links? Have you ever thought about it? have you login as a user?

Probably it is old fashioned.

  • Design (should be up to date)

Design is moving constantly, have you you updated as frequently as Microsoft changes designs HTML4, now HTML5? Probably not.

  • Catalog (takes centuries to create ..:)

It is annoying, nobody knows what to include there, where do get stuff? How to structure it?

  • Merchandising

There is no comments…

  • Merchant accounts

Do you have one?

  • Shopping carts (more spending…)

Have you set up your ECommerce extension?

  • Support…

Pay extra… Here we are.


Let’s take a look on the traffic, how many visitors you have?




It’s all about “location, location, location” in the offline world

1)   Nicely merchandised store in a mall or on a high-traffic shopping street in town and the result is instant traffic

No One Happens to “Pass By” Online

old fashoned2

In the online world, people look for information, for solutions to problems. These solutions should be up to date.


There are literally hundreds of thousands of beautifully designed e-Commerce sites that are dying by a lack of traffic. They were expensive to design/build and they do look great…

To build a strong relationship with your customers, you must engage them in the marketing process and get them excited about your brand, product and service

Do not want to bother with all this crap. Want to focus on your business? Understood.


Turn your small offline business into the huge online presence?   – Make sense


Go to  GLABEX .com    –>>     It is literally the ideal situation for small business e-retailers.

GET    It    all   FOR   FREE!

And let us know your results. Looking forward to hear from you! Glabex exists to make your business profitable. Glabex is the first eCommerce and eBusiness platform which allows businesses to list and advertise for free.

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