EBay Hidden fees

To sell on  eBay store you have to pay $15.95 per month, it is the cost of an eBay Store. You have to pay listings fee for every item they list for sale.  eBay Store listings expire every 30 days, requiring another re-listing fee.  An eBay seller should pay for each extra photo, as eBay allows to upload only.

The largest cost is eBay’s “Final Value Fee”.  A “Final Value Fee” is charged to the eBay seller for every sold item: “Final Value Fees” depends on product, but usually it is between 8% to 18% of the sales price (which is considerable high percentage). eBay’s “Final Value Fee” applies directly to seller’s revenue. 

So, totally we have 1) listing fees ($0.1-$0.2 per item; 2) eBay Store fee -$15.95 per month; 3)”Final Value Fee”.

And one of the biggest complaints about eBay is that their fees seem to be increasing all the time.

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