Online Sales Difficulties

Online sales dificulties

Problem description:

Attracting new customers to the web site is difficult. I have tried email marketing  and social marketing as well. Not sure want to try next.  I have tried to get them online but some people are very resistant.

People are interesting in digital services, especially these which help them to boost their online presents, attract more people, but many of them get scared to use new  tool, (nevertheless tools are free).

Is this a trust issue or brand recognition problem?

Based on my experience, I am happy to share my solutions to solve this issue –

Firstly you need a great product offering rich in information and images. This needs to be hosted on an e-commerce/m-commerce platform that is rich in features with clear layouts and simple navigation.

Secondly, your customers need to be encourages to have confidence in your business and online presence. Displaying the correct, up to date information inspires confidence that your business is taking selling products online. It’s not just the way your online shore looks that will encourage your customers, it’s the way your online shore business as whole is executed that will ultimately convert visitors into customers and increase sales.

Take a look my company website, it offers free online listing with inbuilt payment gateway It is a convenient and flexible solution. My friend suggested it to me, I was not able to find mush about this platform. I was quite surprised that platform works great and it pretty fast. Now I am sharing my listing via my social network. Sales goes smoothly.

Another thing is traffic managing. Effectively engaging the traffic you do get is vital. Design is also important, or I can say it is huge thing, as it helps to attract customers first, and second to  help them find what they’re looking for. Product recommendations, product reviews, good search tools. Lots of options out there for helping give your shoppers the best experience possible. Everything I was able to find on I was not hoping to get much form this platform, but as far it is free to use, it is pretty great tool.

Markus Pitteron,

Style Makes You, Co



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