Could Be The Best Thing That Happened to Your Small Business in Years!


Glabex is specially tailored for professionals and small businesses

Glabex is the US’s first FREE online marketing and eCommerce platform for different independent businesses.

Glabex connects the individuality and variety of products offered from thousand businesses with the convenience of being able to sell/buy online anytime.

All features, including following, are free:

1. If you do not have a website, you will able to create you profile and adjust your url address. Using keyword technology such web page brings hundreds clients from major search engines!

2.  Sync you page with Facebook, Twitter and Linked to get followers, contacts and optimize your page for greatest results in your niche!

3.  Spread you Business Info thought out Fifteen Business Directory Listings Locally Immediately!

4.  List all your products and services for free of charge! Add images, descriptions and videos about your products!

5. Create a video channels to enhance keyword technology and search.

6. Create Image Gallery around your Brand!

7. Share your Company profile page via all possible networking platforms!

8. Manage your local “Search” Profiles in Various Search Engines!

9.  Create of Coupon Campaigns!

10. Crate you own social marketing campaigns, via sophisticated status update social sync tool!

13. Mange everything from Social marketing to sales  by yourself. The whole web platform navigation is made for all user levels. Easily navigation and simple set up wizards do all work for you!


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