Live Stats of B2B and B2C Social Usage

The article is generated from Corporate Social Media survey.

Adoption rates: for b2b and b2c


One of the first obvious conclusions is the wide discrepancy in adoption rates between b2c and b2b companies. LinkedIn is the most used network by b2b companies – with 88% of respondents using the network. This is not a revelatory news, considering the exclusive focus on attracting business users. Twitter’s popularity rate is 87% adoption rate.

In third place, with 81% of the vote, is Facebook. With over one billion members, Facebook is primary focus on personal relationships makes the platform drop down the ratings. Though the relatively small 37% of respondents shows that B2B social media has diversified to an extent.

The same cannot be said for b2c companies. Facebook’s focus on personal relationships has made it an even more useful network for those companies looking to sell to individual consumers rather than companies. An enormous 85% of b2c companies rank the network as the most useful, while adoption rates are at 97%. Twitter is second on both adoption (83%) and usefulness (17%).

Corporate blogging is still relevant?

Only 48% of b2c companies now use a corporate blog, and only 55% of their b2b counterparts. Both statistics seem to imply that the newer networks have added functionality and technology that is seen as more useful by corporate practitioners.

A surprising showing for YouTube

YouTube has surprisingly strong showing. Producing YouTube content is inherently more difficult – the complexity of shooting video, the cost, and the time involved are all higher than for text and image based networks like Twitter and Facebook. And yet 71% of b2c companies, and an even more surprising 70% of b2bs have a presence on the network. B2Bs also rank YouTube more highly in terms of utility – 11% choosing it as their most useful network versus only 6% for their b2c peers.


  B2C B2B
Facebook 85% 81%
Twitter 83% 87%
Linkedin 75% 88%
Youtube 71% 70%
Corporate Blogging 48% 55%


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