How to Develop your Email Campaign Optimization

Today we are going to go over how was able to push its email marketing to the next level.

email campaign optimization


Email is a very sensitive marketing channel with unique challenges. You can easily run into problems with spam filters or a quick flood of unsubscribes. Tweaking email campaigns can become a dangerously delicate task, which makes most marketers afraid to venture into the world of email campaign optimization.

Let’s take a look how entered this world successfully!

About Glabex is unique platform for business. provide companies with all the tools they need to optimize their businesses online, like creating company profiles, listing their products/services, synchronizing all uploads with the major social networks, building unique marketing campaigns using coupons and all kinds of promotions, enabling employees to collaborate and communicate, data and document sharing, and creating an online presence.

Glabex Email Marketing Strategy has a steady system in place of sending new subscribers a welcome email and a weekly email with the top 20 products and services with industry updates.

It is necessary to understand that subscribers show the most interest in your products when they sign up for your list. So immediately after a new subscriber signs up, the company has the opportunity to take advantage of their curiosity.

If they don’t act immediately, they are missing out on the opportunity to increase engagement when they had the greatest chance of success!

The Rule: Sell when the Odds are in your Favor

So if you have the greatest odds of selling to new subscribers at the start, why not launch a big marketing push when they sign up?

It is a well-known fact that there are negative reactions to a “salesy” emails. Do not send sales correspondence immediately. Glabex, for example, never pressures their users to follow up a particular company. The Glabex team advises companies and business representatives not to spam their users, but instead to send useful and interesting weekly updates about company life, products and events. By sending out all kinds of active information, companies can form a personal relationship and help their consumers to get used to their updates.

Two Classic Methods for Converting Prospects into Customers

Here are two classic methods other companies have used to address these goals:

The first method is the email autoresponder. Now this isn’t the same as an “out-of-office” autoresponder that tells people when you’ll be back from your vacation! This email autoresponder enables you to send emails to your subscribers automatically.

The first thing a business owner must do is educate consumers about how valuable white papers are for generating cheap leads. To do that, he uses an email autoresponder. Then he sends pre-written, follow-up emails automatically on a set schedule.

An autoresponder campaign can include any number of messages scheduled to be sent out over any period of time you specify. You also can restrict “send time”. For example, you could specify that subscribers only will receive your emails during business hours, which ups the odds that they’ll actually read them.

The content of these emails is static; meaning it never changes. Every new subscriber receives the same series of emails with the same content.

The second method is to create dynamic content. Unlike static content, dynamic content changes frequently and could be tailored to user specifications.

One example of dynamic content is a letter to different customers. You should be sending different  “Thank you” letters to customers who order auto from the one you send to those who order apparel.

Or let’s say a company updates their newsletter. When companies are sending out their news and product updates to the potential customers or company followers, these newsletters could be dynamically adjusted to the specific customer. Glabex allows different email marketing campaigns for its customers-businesses to follow up with their customers-consumers!

The Hybrid Method: A Series of Welcome Emails with Dynamic Content combined both of these classic methods; the email autoresponder with static content and dynamic content. Moreover Glabex allows businesses which have accounts with the Glabex to build automatic static, dynamic and autoresponders for their email marketing campaigns


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