Social Impact Measuring

Social Impact Measuring


Social analytics give us a general, objective understanding of brand positioning, customer-reaching, or how to market our brand.

The impact of social media can’t entirely be measured by numbers. Tweeting, posting, friending and following people raises a number or social score. But that is where the whole point of social media is missed. Social media is about connecting with people on the other side of the Facebook wall or the Twitter post.

Connecting makes it possible to achieve success. Reading articles or posting your history helps your clients understand what you are thinking, it gives essential insights. Social media give us an opportunity to get to know a person. It also gives us the opportunity to express our thoughts, ideas and values. It is really difficult to measure this impact with numbers.

It is possible to measure action and reaction, but not impact or relation to your brand.

A lot of us use social media because we want to be informed, we are interested in what is going on, or what happens in our friend’s lives, in other words you want to be influenced. And on the same platform, people are trying to sell their products. So, you see the difference.

How to avoid misconceptions 

1) Informing people, but not persuading them to buy or participate. Share what is interesting, based on what is currently new. Being authentic, doing what you like helps you connect with people.

2) Try to learn more about your audience; study their interests.  And keep in mind, that it takes time and consistent effort.

3) Be consistent. Consistence is the point of doing business online.  A week of tweeting is not enough. You audience is expecting news, posts about you and your brand. People can become less interested and start to drop off if you don’t keep them interested.

4) Do not forget to use multiple platforms. Using twitter and Facebook now, is not enough. There are far more social scenes to share pictures, posts, music and create customer collaboration on all levels. 

(Learn more about existing social platforms on


5) Be interested in your friend’s posts. Connecting is all about conversation and it’s a two-way street. Do not forget to follow other’s thoughts. Re-post items of common interest.



Do not forget about the human side of social media. Connecting with people across multiple platforms is easy with Glabex’s social media tool. You can synchronize you profile with up-to 20 social platforms and collaborate with your friends and followers from one space.

Remember customers do not do business with corporations; they buy from people like you. Let customers discover your brand; share, post and learn about your customers.

Build you social success with Glabex!


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